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Red Light Busking Vision Statement

We're changing the narrative | Changing the script | For what colour is supposed to represent |
For what people are supposed to represent | For how a not for profit should run.

Our core principles of giving back to communities, and creating opportunities for lived youth, powers us to create and innovate. We understand the needs of lived youth and realise the importance of bringing communities together regardless of complexion, religion, or creed. We believe that the high street is vital for maintaining community spirit, that's why we have put ourselves at the heart of the high street. Our plan is simple Red Light Busking provides the high street with high quality cultural experiences with music being at the heart of what we do. Bridging the gap between local businesses, cultures, and ages, so that artists and young people with lived experiences get to create and collaborate with local businesses while community members get to experience these creations as live creative, musical cultural experiences.

This is a great idea to bring music to the centre of Walthamstow during the day and people of all ages loved it . It gave our town a rhythm, vibrancy and welcoming feel.
I have seen first-hand the positive effects it (project) has had on some of the young people we work with, one in particular arrived at the project so distant from his family and unable to communicate, often missing from home for periods of time, the difference in this young man was inspiring, he opened up to his family and found employment. Feedback from parents was full of gratitude and pride at the music he had produced.
The project was innovative and radical, themes that we encourage and embrace here in the London Borough of Culture 2019. David’s event brought a wide range of artists and audiences together and benefited the local community by opening up untraditional spaces and attracting a high footfall. David is clearly extremely passionate about bringing culture to communities and garnering engagement, this has shone through in the project that he delivered in Waltham Forest.


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